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Home » How Kids Suffer In Dysfunctional Marriages: By Matthew Teeple

How Kids Suffer In Dysfunctional Marriages: By Matthew Teeple

How Kids Suffer In Dysfunctional Marriages: By Matthew Teeple

When parents are constantly fighting and not getting along, the kids tend to suffer the most. They feel as though they are stuck in the middle and have no control over what is happening. In a dysfunctional marriage, kids often find themselves feeling neglected or ignored, says Matthew Teeple. They may also feel like they need to take on a parental role and help to keep the family together. This can be a lot of pressure for a child to bear and can lead to a lot of emotional stress. If you are in a dysfunctional marriage, please seek help for yourself and your kids. It is never too late to make things better.

Matthew Teeple Talks About How Dysfunctional Marriages Affect Kids

According to Matthew Teeple, The effects of growing up in a dysfunctional marriage can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Children who witness their parents fighting or who experience other forms of marital conflict often suffer emotionally. They may have difficulty trusting people, feel isolated and alone, and have trouble forming healthy relationships themselves when they reach adulthood.

In addition to the emotional effects, children of divorce or marital conflict are also more likely to suffer academically and socially. They may have problems paying attention in school, struggle with anxiety or depression, and get into trouble with drugs or alcohol.

Kids suffer when they witness their parents in a dysfunctional marriage because it can cause them to feel insecure and anxious about their own future relationships. Dysfunctional marriages also tend to be characterized by communication problems, which can lead to kids feeling like they’re not being heard or valued.

Another reason why kids suffer in dysfunctional marriages is because of the impact it can have on their ability to trust people. When children see their parents constantly arguing or disrespecting each other, it can create a mistrust of others that carries into adulthood. Lastly, growing up in a dysfunctional marriage can simply be emotionally draining for kids. Constantly witnessing parental conflict can take an emotional toll and leave kids feeling overwhelmed or hopeless.

While there are many reasons why kids suffer in dysfunctional marriages, these are just a few of the most common ones. If you’re currently in a dysfunctional marriage, Matthew Teeple recommends trying to understand the impact it could be having on your children and seeking help to improve the situation. Your kids deserve to grow up in a healthy and happy environment, free from the negative effects of dysfunction.

Matthew Teeple’s Concluding Thoughts

Divorce is hard on kids, but it can be especially damaging when their parents are in a dysfunctional marriage. According to Matthew Teeple, kids in these marriages often feel like they’re the ones who have to fix things and make them better, which puts an incredible amount of pressure on them. If you’re going through a divorce or know someone who is, please remember that the well-being of your children should always be your top priority. Seek out help from professionals if you need it – your kids will thank you for it later.