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Tips to Teach Your Child Respect – Matt Teeple

Tips to Teach Your Child Respect - Matt Teeple

Teaching your child how to respect others is one of your key duties as a parent. You are responsible for ensuring that your child is well-mannered and understands what is expected of them. In this guide, Matt Teeple takes you through a few tips to teach your child how to respect others.

Teaching Your Child Respect by Matt Teeple

Here are a few ways to teach your child how to respect others.

1.     Be a Role Model

The most important thing is to model the right behavior if you want your child to respect others. When your child sees how you talk to others and how you treat them, they are likely to copy the same behavior. So to raise respectful children, the first thing you should do is to be a respectful adult yourself.

2.     Teach them Manners

You must teach your child basic manners very early on. They should know that they have to thank others when they do something for them. They should know that they have to ask politely if they want something. When you start teaching this early on, it becomes a habit for your child.

3.     Set Realistic Expectations

If you expect too much from your child at a very young age, they are likely to feel pressured and overburdened. The idea is to make sure that you set realistic expectations for them. Matt Teeple says that if your child does something for which they should be praised, then you praise them for that. Give them credit for the good that they do, and you will see how things turn out for the better.

4.     Correct Your Child Politely

If you see your child doing something wrong, it is your duty as a parent to correct them. Say if you see them speaking rudely to someone, then you ought to make them stop. But try not to scold them. Negative behavior will breed negative emotions. Instead, correct them by explaining to them why that was wrong and why they should not have done that. When you give your child explanations, they are likely to understand you much better too.

5.     Allow them to Express Themselves

Your child should know a healthy way to express their feelings. When they can channel their emotions correctly, things will most likely work out for you best. For this, you must build a relationship where open communication is there. This will help your child process how they feel and understand why this is important.

6.     Resolve Conflicts Thoughtfully

In cases where conflicts arise, there are chances that your child might not be able to express themselves well, which is why they might start disrespecting others too. So teach your child how to resolve conflicts thoughtfully. They should know where the problem has arisen and how they need to get their point across to the other person respectfully, says Matt Teeple.


Final Words by Matt Teeple

With these valuable tips by Matt Teeple on teaching your child respect, you will be able to do a much better job at raising your child.