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Ways to Help A Child Develop Effective Study Habits by Matt Teeple

Study Habits

Kids often have a lot in their place. They have extra-curricular, family evening events, and more on top of a long day at school, leaving them with little time to do anything else. However, homework cannot be avoided, regardless of how long and tiring the day is. Therefore, as parents, you must help your child develop effective study habits to do well in school.

This blog covers some tips by Matt Teeple on how to help your child develop effective study habits. So, read on to learn!

Ways to Help Your Child Develop Effective Study Habits by Matt Teeple

1.     Create a Separate Study Space

Is your child’s desk or workstation in an area of your house conducive to concentrated study? If not, make it such that the space is separate from other areas with a lot of noise. Also, ensure sufficient light and the place is free of other distractions.

Place useful study items on their table, including pens, pencils, sticky notes, highlighters, and more. It would be best if you encouraged them to take ownership of their study area by allowing them to set it up the way they want. Also, teach them to tidy up and arrange their desk daily to prepare them, not the following day.

2.     Teach Them How to Manage Their Time

As per Matt Teeple, time management is a critical component of strong academic skills. You can teach time management to your children by helping them develop and stick to a study planner. Have your kids mark important assignment deadlines and due dates for project submissions and tests.

The next thing to do is to help your child stay on top of these academic activities. You can help your child prepare for important quizzes and assignments by breaking down the subject and creating a plan to review the course before the test.

You can do the same thing for bigger projects by helping your child divide the work into smaller milestones and create a schedule for timely completion.

3.     Study Each Subject Daily to Avoid Cramming

Instead of cramming a lot of information days before the exam, you can have your child; you should ensure your child studies a little bit of each subject daily. Doing so would help them retain more information effectively.

Create a study schedule that allows you to make time for each subject daily or on alternative days. Even giving 20 minutes to each course in a day would help. Also, ensure your kid takes 10 to 15-minute breaks daily to help them stay productive and focused.

4.     Teach them How to Ask for Help Whenever They Need it

Another tip by Matt Teeple is to encourage your child to seek assistance when they get stuck or struggle to understand a lesson. Teach them not to be hesitant to raise concerns with the teacher. Moreover, it is also essential to teach them how to create productive working connections with other students.

Matt Teeple’s Concluding Thoughts

Follow these simple tips by Matt Teeple to create an effective study routine for your child and help them do well at school!